Lifelines First


       Lifelines Prayer List

Prayer is an integral part of spirituality and faith at First Lutheran Church. It is the vertical path that takes
us directly to our Lord and Savior. Our congregaton prays daily for the needs of its members and for those

around us. If you would like to add a prayer to our Lifelines prayer chain please call the church office at 309-944-3196 or e-mail at When submitting through e-mail please be sure to include your full name and telephone number so we may contact you if more information is needed. Submitted prayers will be kept on our Lifelines prayer list for 4 weeks and may be renewed.

PLEASE NOTE: Prayers submitted via e-mail will be shared in our church newsletter, prayer chain, and/or bulletin prayer lists. By submitting a prayer online you are indicating you have obtained permission to share and print the names of all persons involved. Please obtain this permission BEFORE submitting a prayer, or choose to word your prayer request                  without naming individual names.


If you are a member of First Lutheran Church and would like to join our e-prayer chain and receive e-mail
prayer requests for you to pray over at home, please conatct the office at for details.





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