The pastors and staff of First Lutheran Church are here to serve Jesus Christ with the members and guests of First.
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                                   The Rev. Jeffrey Clements, Bishop; Rev. Laura Kamprath and Rev. Matt Kamprath               




Pastor Matt, Noah, Anna & Pastor Laura Kamprath


                                   Rev. Laura Kamprath


                                  Pastor Laura began her faith journey in Champaign, Illinois, where she was baptized at Good

                                  Shepherd Lutheran Church. Her faith was nurtured as she grew up in the Lutheran Church, attending

                                  Sunday School and Youth Group and participating in mission trips and the National Youth Gathering

                                  in 2000 in St. Louis. She attended Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois and received a Bachelor

                                  of Arts in Religion in 2005. At Augustana, her call to ordained ministry was affirmed by the Campus

                                  Ministries program, the faculty of the Religion department, and a summer internship at Grace

                                  Lutheran Church in Champaign, Illinois. She began studying at Lutheran School of Theology in the
                                  fall of 2006, and there she met her husband Matt. Her internship was at Holy Trinity Lutheran
                                  Church, Falls Church, Virginia, under the supervision of Rev. Jane Halpern, during the 2008-2009
                                  academic year. On January 16, 2010, she and Matt were married at Grace Lutheran Church in

                                  Champaign, Illinois. They graduated seminary together in May 2010 and were ordained together in

                                  January 2011. They served as Co-Pastors of St. Luke Lutheran Church, Campbell Hill, Illinois until

                                  2012, when Pastor Laura accepted a call to serve the congregations of the Wartburg Parish. While

                                  serving the Parish, her primary pulpits were St. John Lutheran Church (Post Oak) and St. Peter’s

                                  Lutheran Church (Wine Hill). In November 2016, Pastor Laura and her husband Pastor Matt began

                                  their ministry as Co-Pastors at First Lutheran Church, Geneseo. Pastor Laura lives in Geneseo with

                                  her husband, their daughter Anna, and their dog Allie.



                                   Rev. Matt Kamprath

                                  Pastor Matthew Kamprath was a “PK” (Pastor’s Kid) and so his family moved several times throughout

                                  his childhood, but he did most of his growing up in Sterling Heights, Michigan. His call to ministry

                                  began in college at Quincy University through the study of theology and was affirmed during his

                                  seminary years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Quincy University in 2005. He 
                                  began attending Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in the fall of 2005, and met his future wife

                                  Laura in 2006. He completed field education work at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois
                                  in 2006-2007. His internship was at Christ Lutheran Church, Fairbanks, Alaska, under the supervision

                                  of Rev. Susan Granata, during the 2008-2009 academic year. On January 16, 2010, he and Laura

                                  were married at Grace Lutheran Church in Champaign, Illinois. They graduated seminary together
                                  in May 2010 and were ordained together in January 2011. They were installed as Pastors of St. Luke

                                  in Campbell Hill, Illinois on January 23, 2011. After two years of serving together, Pastor Laura was

                                  called as a pastor of the Wartburg Parish with primary pulpits at St. John's, Post Oak, and St. Peter,

                                  Wine Hill. In 2013 their daughter Anna was born. Pastor Matt was the pastor at St. Luke for a total

                                  of six years. At the end of 2016, Pastors Matt & Laura were called as co-pastors at First Lutheran
                                  in Geneseo, Illinois and were installed on December 18, 2016. Pastor Matt lives in Geneseo with his

                                  wife, daughter Anna (3), and their dog Allie. He enjoys playing golf and racquetball, playing the
                                  guitar, and spending time with friends. He works in all aspects of congregational life as a witness

                                  of Jesus’ transformational love.



                                          Linda Bloomberg

                                         Office: 309/944-3196




   Mary Jo Brummet
   Parish Administrator

   Office: 309/944-3196






    Charlene Daniels







    Margi Ficken

    Preschool Teacher








     Abbey Cathelyn
     Director of Youth & Family Ministry

     Office: 309/944-3196







      Jennifer Johnson
      Programs Meal Coordinator







    Jim Luikart
    Parish Accountant





        Morgan Sarber
        Director of Worship & Music













    Misty Slaymaker
    Preschool Director & Teacher
    Preschool: 309/944-4306






                                          Melinda Wildermuth
                                        Staff Musician




















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