COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS from September 17, 2018

Pr. Reed Pedersen, of Augustana Lutheran Church, led a devotion to open the meeting. He represented the Synod and Bishop Clements and thanked First Lutheran for all we have done for the Church at large.


Action Items

  • Passed a continuing resolution regarding a donation from a member framing how the money is to be used.
  • Approved building usage agreement for Girl Scout Troops 1798 & 5212; professional development for Linda Schmidt (already budgeted), and Mission Endowment request for $500 for Grow Ministries and two Social Ministry Benevolence requests: 
    $250 for World Hunger and $615 for Henry County Sheriff's Office for a Drug Prevention Program.


Old Business

The Council discussed receiving input from the congregation on changing worship times due to reinstituting Sunday School and adult education on Saturdays and Sundays. Town Hall Meetings will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 29 & 30 to hear from members. Information will be given out the prior weekend.


New Business

  • Set the dates for the Annual Meetings:  January 20 & 27, 2019.
  • Discussed possible plans for the Glen Anderson Memorial. Ray Bergles was directed to speak with the family.



Financial Report

General Fund Offering:
   August actual                   $26,543
   August budget    

   YTD actual                       $283,011

   YTD budget                      $290,733

Net Income Over Expenses:
   August actual                   $9,167 deficit
   August budget     
            $1,389 deficit

   YTD actual                       $16,189 deficit

   YTD budget                      $15,804 deficit






Please feel free to contact any council member with concerns or questions you may have. The Council meets the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. and the meetings are open to the congregation.


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