COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS from December 10 & 17, 2018

Council met on December 10 & 17. Rental property was discussed with serveral options looked at. One option was agreed upon to recommend to the Congregation at the annual meeting, though all options will be discussed. Council also...

  • discussed options for finding a Director of Worship & Music plus the plans for the interim.
  • Darla Anderson provided a report of the Nominating Committee.
  • agreed to continue providing seminary tuition support this spring for Catie Nelson from the Memorial Mission Fund.
  • firmed up work on the budget, including agreeing to increase our benevolence percentage over last year. Pledges are up and
    the Council is very grateful for the congregation's support.


Action Items

  • Approved two Social Ministry Benevolence requests:  $250 to Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling; and $250 for Secret Santa.
  • Council voted to give gifts to Kathy Heller, Mike Eckwall, and Melinda Wildermuth to show our appreciation for their work the past 6 + weeks.
  • Council voted unanimously to give a gift to the Schmidt family in honor of Linda.

Financial Report

General Fund Offering:
   November actual                $39,483
   November budget    

   YTD actual                         $385,134

   YTD budget                        $390,534

Net Income Over Expenses:
   November actual                $2,661 surplus
   November budget     
         $3,212 deficit

   YTD actual                         $19,839 deficit

   YTD budget                        $24,230 deficit






Please feel free to contact any council member with concerns or questions you may have. The Council meets the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. and the meetings are open to the congregation.


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