Audio Ministry First

Recordings of the previous week's Traditional Sunday service are available on CD for anyone desiring a copy of our worship services. For more information contact the church office at 944-3196.

OR, click here to listen to weekly sermons online or to download an audiofile sermon to your MP3 player.


Radio That Reads

This is a free radio service for persons with difficulty reading the newspaper. It is a service of Augustana Public Radio
and is available to anyone in this area. This service offers newspapers read on the air—for example The Dispatch, Quad
City Times, Chicago Tribune, and others. A free radio receiver is shipped to your home to receive the radiosignal. If you
think a family member, loved one, or friend could benefit from this free service, call us at (309) 794-7560 or download
the Application for APRIS Service, print it, fill it in, and mail it to: 

WVIK Augustana College

639 38th Street

Rock Island, IL 61201





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