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Bible Study

There is a Bible Study open to one and all every Monday at 10 a.m. in Conference Room A. This Bible Study focuses on scripture readings from the upcoming weekend in worship. Led by lay leaders and clergy, this study is designed to help the participants prepare for weekend worship. Coffee and goodies are served with a full measure of God’s Word and fellowship. You can’t find a better way to start the week!!




Theology on Tap!

Join Pastor Matt on Tuesday evenings, March 5 & 12 at 7 p.m. at Geneseo Brewing Company. We will continue our Bible

Study on First Corinthians. Friends are welcome!






Adult Education Opportunities during FAITHTIME!

First Book Club Come and join us for discussion on the content of the book “Restart” and faith response to the author Gordon Korman on Wednesday, March 13 at 5:30 p.m. in Grace Place. A listing of the 2018-19 book titles and authors can

be viewed at the below link.


    April’s book title has been changed to: Caroline: Little House, Revisited by Sarah Miller. In the

    frigid days of February, 1870, Caroline Ingalls and her family leave the familiar comforts of the

    Big Woods of Wisconsin and the warm bosom of her family, for a new life in Kansas Indian

    Territory. Packing what they can carry in their wagon, Caroline, her husband Charles, and their

    little girls, Mary and Laura, head west to settle in a beautiful, unpredictable land full of promise

    and peril. The pioneer life is a hard one, especially for a pregnant woman with no friends or kin

    to turn to for comfort or help.The burden of work must be shouldered alone, sickness tended

    without the aid of doctors, and babies birthed without the accustomed hands of mothers or

    sisters. But Caroline’s new world is also full of tender joys. In adapting to this strange new place

    and transforming a rough log house built by Charles’ hands into a home, Caroline must draw

    on untapped wells of strength she does not know she possesses. Hurry and pick a copy of this

    captivating story that illuminates one courageous, resilient, and loving pioneer woman as never

    before—Caroline Ingalls, "Ma" in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved Little House books.






Caring Conversations — We will not meet formally during Lent but will resume after Easter. Life Way Women ministry is offering an on-line study, Just Open the Door, A Study of Biblical Hospitality beginning March 7. See for more information.








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