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Adult Education Opportunities during FAITHTIME!

First Book Club Come and join us for discussion on the content of the book Only Child and faith response to the 

author Rhiannon Navin on Wednesday, January 8 at 5:30 p.m. in Grace Place. A listing of the 2019-20 book titles and

authors can be viewed at the below link.


February’s book title is The Sweetness of Forgetting written by Kristin Harmel. At thirty-six, Hope

McKenna-Smith is no stranger to bad news. She lost her mother to cancer, her husband left her

for a twenty-two year old, and her bank account is nearly depleted. Her own dreams of becoming

a lawyer long gone, she’s running a failing family bakery on Cape Cod and raising a troubled preteen.

Now, Hope’s beloved French-born grandmother Mamie, who wowed the Cape with her fabulous pastries

for more than fifty years, is drifting away into a haze of Alzheimer’s. But in a rare moment of clarity,

Mamie realizes that unless she tells Hope about the past, the secrets she has held on to for so many

years will soon be lost forever. Tantalizingly, she reveals mysterious snippets of a tragic history in Paris.

And then, arming her with a scrawled list of names, she sends Hope to France to uncover a seventy-

year-old mystery. Hope’s emotional journey takes her through the bakeries of Paris and three religious’

traditions, all guided by Mamie’s fairy tales and the sweet tastes of home. As Hope pieces together her

family’s history, she finds horrific Holocaust stories mixed with powerful testimonies of her family’s will

to survive in a world gone mad. And to reunite two lovers torn apart by terror, all she'll need is a dash

of courage, and the belief that God exists everywhere, even in cake...Hurry and pick up a copy today

and begin reading this international best-seller.






Equipping Households of Faith  Our knowledge of scripture and our understanding of baptism informs us that

“home” is the primary place for nurturing and passing on our faith. Please join Sherry Dickens on the four Wednesdays

in January to explore and create unique and fun tools for families to practice their faith in their daily lives! We will meet

in Grace Place at 6:30 p.m. on January 8, 15, 22 and 29. All are welcome!


















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